"Being a part of the pilot batch of BMS at Don Bosco Institute has been nothing short of an exciting and fruitful journey. The faculty have always been approachable and constantly shared their wisdom, encouraging us to go the extra mile. The amenities and infrastructure are great, and the opportunities, in the form of extra-curricular activities and internships, helped hone additional skills. All in all, my time at Don Bosco Institute has proven to be vital to my growth!"
Jonathan Fernandes
Football Coach at Hiranandani School, Batch of 2015
"Back in 2017, I had no idea what I wanted to achieve and decided to enrol in the Management Studies Program at Don Bosco College. This institute has given me the vital guidance that has moulded my life and career. The driven energy of the Management Studies course has inspired me to pursue my ideas and goals. I am grateful to Don Bosco College and pleased to have graduated from a place I can proudly call to be 'Home.'"
Alex Gomes
Founder - Infivision Media & Imperealty, Batch of 2020
"To start with, I imagined I'd be a stranger in the field of management coming from a science background. Envisioning myself in the marketing role in the future, but not knowing where to start, Don Bosco College strengthened my dream to walk in the footsteps of entrepreneurial ideas to manifest those career paths. The college's thorough approach to learning, employment experience, and extracurricular endeavours has allowed us to hone our professional skills. Looking back now, I know for a fact that DBC was the best choice I ever made."
Bhagyesh Anvekar
Sr. Brand Solutions Executive - Barcode Entertainment, Batch of 2021
"The Department provides guidance to help students be the best versions of themselves, nothing could be finer than what DBC has provided me!. Professionalism, a corporate-ready mindset, critical thinking, teamwork, and many other qualities. The faculty and management support students to achieve their skill set while also encouraging their talent. Our professors have helped us with both academic comprehension and practical instruction using real-world examples. Our electives were engaging and gave us an opportunity to learn more than is expected. I would wholeheartedly endorse DBCBMS for its originality."
Melville Menezes
Content Marketing Strategist - Okay Done Media, Batch of 2021
"Thanks to the group of faculties who help you excel in your electives alongside the availability of platforms like presentations, specialization-based annual events and extra-curricular activities that nurture your skills. Even after your adventure is over at DBC, it continues to extend its help, it truly surpasses your expectations with its engaging features like incorporating practical industry experience into lectures, keeping students informed about current events, and showing them how this course will help them develop professionally. I have the utmost respect for the educational opportunities this prestigious institution offers its students, and I am delighted to call myself a Boscoite."
Saransh Sawant
Business Development Executive - Zell Education, Batch of 2021
"My three years at Don Bosco has been important to my life. The institute provided us with platforms to enhance our teamwork, professional and soft skills, and encouraged us to work in any given situation with an optimistic attitude which has strengthened my personality. I’m proud to be a Boscoite, because the faculty has always supported and guided me in every circumstance. It's also because of their uniqueness to transform theory into practical knowledge, which has made it simple for us to pick up new information, adapt to various people and departments. Don Bosco is an experience. I highly recommend you seize this golden opportunity at Don Bosco College."
Valentine Burgee
Executive Trainee - Initiative Media, Batch of 2022
"The college has always inspired and motivated me to give my best efforts in every area, whether it be academic excellence, mental fortitude, cultural awareness, or physical health. It has played a key role in developing my character attributes of leadership, creativity, and responsibility. I've had plenty of opportunities here to learn about my true calling. My role as the National Service Scheme Leader has been an eye opener for me and thanks to my elective course that has shown me dynamics of the financial world. I was able to put all of my skills to the test while serving as the lead Coordinator for the college fest, expressing my potential for greater things. My tag as a Boscoite remains, as I cherish every moment spent here."
Rachel Michelle Noronha
Batch of 2022
"It's a pleasure for me to be affiliated with this college, because the fond memories that I have acquired in the three years I have spent are the things I would like to remember the most. The overall atmosphere of the faculty is full of friendliness, and the teachers are available to address any queries students may have. I've always wanted to be successful, and getting there requires the correct mentoring and support. My career has been greatly influenced and helped by Don Bosco. I'd like to thank Don Bosco College for everything; it was an incredible experience and one that will go a long way. "
Rashmi Sundar
Pursuing Post Baccalaureate Diploma in Marketing - Thompson Rivers University (Canada), Batch of 2020